The Sea Shepherd has a frame (and a crooked photo)

Boy am I happy to see The Sea Shepherd finally framed. I’ve yet to put Ornamental Lighting: The Green Range in the frame, because it’s a laborious process and one I don’t really enjoy (I think I’m going to start going to a framer’s instead of ordering the frames online, even though there is a big mark-up for basically waiting a lot longer for the frames which is like…what now?) But still, might give it a try.

This is for the Natcon 50 Future Imperfect art exhibition. 🙂

The Three Wolves

Gave this to my brother today (it was his 14th present), so I can finally put this up properly! 🙂


The Three Wolves
Available as giclee, canvas, regular prints, as well as jigsaw puzzle, mug, postcards and fridge magnets here.

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White Elephants as Totem

This is probably one of my favourite ever colour schemes (another commission). The photo, which is the most accurate for colour balance, some of the colours I could only create by layering three or four layers of pencil, and it was awesome. 🙂

Interested in a print? Go here.