Work, work, work!

WORK! Work work work!

I’m editing the first draft of Every Day Awake, finally started a new Future Imperfect illustration:

Portable Photovoltaic Systems work in progress image by Ravenari

And I finished inking this (still needs to be coloured though):

Black-Maned Liontail pre-colouring by Ravenari

Work, work, work!

Actually, a bit of resting too on the cards. The holiday season always upsets my equilibrium, and I’m seeking a bit of stability for myself now. Mm. Stability.

How are your projects going, my fellow creators?

One thought on “Work, work, work!

  1. Honestly, you are off to an AMAZING start with art this year. Both of these pictures make me wish I could digitally download art into my retinas.

    Here’s a toast to your quest for stability! *Raises glass*

    Projects are going kind of well for me, if slow. I’m trying to decide how to go about learning the keyboard again (So far kind of winging it with decent results, all things considered). Working on some outlines and drafts for writing, feeling really positive about producing actual finished products this year!

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