Art can be twee.

I was going to open this entry with the statement; ‘I don’t usually go for things that are twee,’ and then realised that yes, yes I do. I go for things that are ridiculously twee all the time. Puppies, kittens, Lilo & Stitch, My Neighbour Totoro. The opening theme song of Winnie the Pooh makes me cry. The Russian Winnie the Pooh makes me giggle like a five year old. I say ‘awwwwww’ when I see dogs on the street and if my cats roll and expose their bellies I’m reduced to a jellified mush that wibbles in delight.


So I suppose it’s not surprise that I ended up drawing this:

Mini Dragon Valentine by Ravenari

The original, as well as two other miniature dragons, are available for sale at Etsy.


The thing is, while I do like occasionally drawing ‘Very Serious Things’ (i.e. exploited animals, dark fairytales, clearly unhappy alters and so on), I also like to draw ‘Very Twee Things.’ Angelbears. Startail. That time I drew two cartoon octopi trying to make out and one is holding a condom packet. Snellosaurus the Last Living Dinosaur and Velociraptor Girl. Art doesn’t just have to be about serious things, it can be about fun things and twee things. It can exist purely for the sake of evoking an ‘awww’ or a warm fuzzy feeling.


I suppose miniature dragons aren’t usually ‘twee,’ but I suppose one named Valentine, with hearts on its face and little hearts on its body and a clear theme of ‘awww, a dragon about love or at least the commercialism of Valentine’s Day’ is probably in the category of too cute to be borne.


That’s the way I like it.


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