While the rest of the world has WTF? weather, we have FTW weather.

It’s been an interesting February so far. Some family drama, some personal drama, some interpersonal drama, website drama, ISP drama, money drama, some drama llama. Basically… well you get the picture.


There’s also been a lot of artwork. On the 1st of February, I had 9 (NINE!) different pictures in progress. I’ve completed five, though I’m staggering putting them up (as an experiment), and the other four are… coming along. Sort of.


Here. Have a Green Sea Turtle Totem:

Green Sea Turtle as Totem by Ravenari


You can buy the original, and many others, Right here at my Etsy.


I’ve also been beefing up the Animal Totem Dictionary. Did you know I maintained one? Maybe. Did you know it’s the most comprehensive on the internet? (Unless Google is studiously avoiding any more comprehensive ones). Well. So far, it is. 246 animal totems represented and counting. Boy that’s a lot of animals. And yet, it’s hardly any at all. It wouldn’t even come close to representing half of the world’s species of ants. Isn’t that incredible?


I thought it would be hilarious the other day to do something like ‘Internet as Totem’ (which I’d probably have representing mostly themes like ‘innovation followed by conservativism and conformity, followed by rebellion of such.’) And then I started thinking of an ‘objects as totem’ kind of theme. Like cars, paintbrushes, the eponymous cookie jar, and so on.


Tomorrow we are meeting a couple who own Finnish lapphunds. There are less than 200 Finnish lapphunds in Australia, so they’re not exactly easy to meet! I’m looking forward to it though.


In the meantime, while the rest of Australia is hit with cyclones, monsoons, flash floods, storm surges, lightning storms, bushfires and such. Perth looks mostly like this:

Hillary's Beach by Ravenari


How has your February been so far?

12 thoughts on “While the rest of the world has WTF? weather, we have FTW weather.

  1. “Did you know it’s the most comprehensive on the internet?”
    I knew it was the best I’d ever found! I’ve referred to it often since first using it, it’s wonderful!

  2. That photo looks like it was taken near the rocks at Hillarys Boart Harbour on the southern side. Or is my Perth directional sense failing me already? 😀

    If you covered the sky with a light grey haze, and replaced the sandy beach with densely packed housing, and a spiderweb of telephone and electric wires then it’d almost be like we were in the exact same location. Amazing isn’t it?

    • Yeah, it was taken near the rocks at Hillary’s – good pick! 🙂

      Ahahaha, it is amazing how both of our locations are *almost identical* if you only change a handful of things.

  3. Ooh, I’m jealous that you get to see Finnish lapphunds. Hope you have fun. ^^

    Having WTF weather here too; Texas has been colder and snowier than us.

    The ‘object as totem’ thing could end up pretty hilarious, I think.

  4. Beautiful photo. In January I went on a driving trip up inland to Broome and back down the coast with my family, and on the return trip we were almost exactly 24 hours ahead of the tropical low-cyclone Bianca as it headed south. It made for some spectacular cloudscapes that were just impossible to capture on film. At least that cyclone did not cause much damage or pain in the end, or as much as it could have.

    Your totem dictionary is always a good read. I want to discover my totem but I think too much and don’t want to pressure it, because then I’d probably end up thinking of one rather than having one ‘appear’ as such. Recently I was considering the possibility of totem objects, not for personal beliefs but for how they would work in a fantasy society. It brought up some interesting ideas, but it could be quite amusing too.

    • I’d love to go to Broome, it’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list, though it’s not going to happen in the current car which is falling apart. Heh. And wow, being 24 hours ahead of Cyclone Bianca? That must have been simply amazing.

      • We were lucky both ways with amazing skies, but the cyclone stirred up the most beautiful clouds and lightning storms I’ve ever seen. It also made for an exciting drive, ‘outrunning the cyclone’!

  5. I like the “objects as totem” idea. 🙂

    Thinking about you; I see your art on my wall every day. My house has just experienced tremendous upheaval, resulting in my being about to switch bedrooms (a big deal for me).

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