Scorpion of Doom.

I was going to talk about how much I love nature.


I was really going to talk about how much I love nature.


AND THEN I FOUND A LIVE SCORPION IN MY STUDY (or Maybe found it and then was rapidly grabbed and put away before she could hurt herself, which is what she clearly wanted to do) AND I CHANGED MY MIND.




I was going to be all like, hey I saw a western brush wallaby in the bushland today and it stared at us for ages and it was all magical and crap.


But then I changed my mind. Glen’s all like ‘I didn’t know we had scorpions in Perth!’ and I’m like ‘I did, I didn’t know we had them IN OUR HOUSE.’


We are now discussing the merits of moving anywhere but here. (I actually prefer close encounters with snakes over scorpions, but that’s because snakes can’t grab you with two pincers before stabbing the crap out of you.)


(Anyone concerned with the welfare of the scorpion should know that we ‘rehomed it’ in some bushland far far far away. FAR AWAY.)

9 thoughts on “Scorpion of Doom.

  1. I’ve seen a few scorpions down here in victoria, nothing quite as big as that looks though… I hope neither of you were stung and/or pinched?

    • No one was injured, thank goodness. I put Maybe away, and then took that photo (the reason I didn’t take more is because camera flashes can scare them away), and then abruptly put a glass on it so it couldn’t move and Glen and I could dance in horror throughout the house without the thing going all Terminator on us.

  2. “(Anyone concerned with the welfare of the scorpion should know that we ‘rehomed it’ in some bushland far far far away. FAR AWAY.)”

    You did so much better than I would have done. That sucker would have been dead as a doornail the instant I saw him. His “rehoming” would have been down the toilet drain.

    For full disclosure I’ve been stung by one of those creatures, and was too stupid to go to the ER and get the anti-venom. By the time I realized I was in trouble, it was almost too late.

    • I don’t think ours are, thankfully, quite that venomous (for a change, and compared to everything else in Australia!) Their sting is – according to my research – very painful for up to 12 hours, and can cause a reaction *sometimes*, but if you’re not having a reaction, you’re going to be fine.

      Still, not something I’d like to encounter. 😦

  3. LOL. Sorry, I’m sure it was an unwelcome surprise but your post is hilarious! I slept on a scorpion when I was a year old and we lived in desertic Oman. It didn’t survive my rolling over it in my sleep (mercifully I guess).

    • I’m just glad the ones we have here aren’t that dangerous. Their sting hurts, but it’s not fatal or really dangerous like elsewhere in the world.

      Heh, glad you found it funny! And it’s amazing that you slept on a scorpion! Glad you were unhurt. I’ve had redback spiders in my bed, that’s been less than pleasant. Thankfully never bitten though.

  4. Did you release it into the wilds again?

    Or did you go all medieval on his ass and deep fry the biatch?

    It’s a delicacy in some cultures after all…

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