Photos of the day – my art studio.

I’ve sufficiently recovered from the ‘scorpion of doom’ incident, have eaten dinner, fed the monsters of the house (the cats) and decided to share some photos of my studio with you today. Oh, some work in progress stuff is there too. 🙂


In this one, you can see my latest spoils from the vastly overpriced Jacksons (it’s not like there’s much selection in Western Australia, it’s that or nothing.) Anyway, I’m in love with these shades of green (and that sneaky shade of yellow). You can also see some of my hair at the top of this picture. THAT’S BECAUSE I MOULT LIKE A GERMAN SHEPHERD. So annoying. About four times a week I panic because I feel something crawling up my arm only to look and realise that a piece of hair has come loose and is clinging to me. There’s some very nice product placement in this shot. Not that I like my Nokia. Okay, I guess that part wasn’t nice product placement.


photo of the day 01 by Ravenari


I like pens. I have a lot of pens. That’s probably a good thing, I average about one binned per illustration. I also have a lot of lipglosses (the container behind is just lipglosses). I don’t really ‘collect’ much, except for lipgloss.


pens by Ravenari


Glamourkins, which are seriously, seriously awesome pendants made from fairytale and storybooks, with wonderful, magical quotes. I’ve always loved wearing writing, and in all likelihood my first tattoo will be words. As an artist, I’m a bit weird that way. 😉 But as a writer it makes total sense.


Glamourkins photo by Ravenari


Doodling AND philosophy for the price of one stupid piece of note paper!


why does socialising make me so sad by Ravenari


Man, lots of stuff. Clutter clutter clutter. Look at the massive stack of artwork on the table!


clutter clutter clutter byRavenari


Saving the best for last. My current ‘works in progress.’ Well, I think it’s the best for last, anyway.


works in progress by Ravenari


If you could pick something for me to take photos of, and it was within my power to take photos of them – what would you like me to take photos of? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Photos of the day – my art studio.

  1. Now that it has some of your wonderfulness on it, it’s no longer a stupid piece of note paper 🙂

    If you think that’s cluttered, you should see my desk… on second thought, perhaps not.

  2. I would love to see photos of your pens, honestly.
    I am a huge nerd about pens. I try hard not to let myself collect them (because then I will not let myself use them, and they are tools, not decorations.) but I love to see everyone else’s tools, too, and how they are similar to and different from mine.
    Besides, pens are just awesome. ❤

    Also awesome: The deserty hammer-of-the-sun colors on the WIP on the far right, there. 😀

    Also also awesome: Glamourkins. I think I linked to them from your journal, and now I want to buy some.

  3. If you should ever have one, take a photo of a Mango Fandango. But make it presentable, and give it like… a bow tie and a cape or something.

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