The Weather.

I am about to embark on an awesome journey of research. That’s right, research. I love non-fiction in general, but I think it will be the first time I’ve ever devoted so much brain space to weather, weather patterns, weather cycles, extreme weather and so on.


Partly, it’s to do with a science fiction novel I’m worldbuilding for. In it, people from Earth have settled on a very Earth-like planet that has much more severe weather than we do (a lot more supercell storms and a much higher density of rain and so on). But in order to do that, I need to understand more about weather patterns and cycles. I started by researching winds of the world, like the beautifully named Euroclydon, Khazri, Kosava, Levant, Oroshi and Coromuel. And around that point I realised that I just didn’t know a great deal about what I was talking about. And this is from someone who is actually fascinated by the weather and can generally tell if we’re having ESE winds or SWs and what they’re going to feel like and can name different types of clouds and so forth.


Definitely not enough anymore! I’ve ordered a bunch of books from the library. For once, I’m going to be able to hold a sustained conversation with an English person and actually know what I’m talking about. 😉


Speaking about weather, our suburb of Ellenbrook was hit with a freakish storm two days ago, which resulted in a twelve hour power outage. It was pretty amazing. Within the storm was also a miniature tornado, and we had winds of 150 kmh. We escaped damage at our house, but others weren’t so lucky, and the cost will likely run into the millions.


This is what the storm looked like over our house, before it broke and the rains fell.


the storm before it broke by Ravenari


And then, after I stood outside in the rain for a long, long time. We went inside, had about an hour with which to enjoy electricity, and then power lines in neighbouring suburbs fell and we had no electricity at all. Very glad I turned off my computer for that.


We had lightning strikes like this every few seconds:


lightning from the front of our house by Ravenari


And this was when it wasn’t over our house! (That’s the view from the front of our house).


I love tumultuous, stormy weather. I really do. I have talked frequently about how much I love the rain, but it’s a very specific kind of rain. It’s not drizzle, it’s ‘here, you asked for it, now TAKE IT!’ rain. Rain that is forceful and conquers the soil.


It will be interesting to research, at any rate. Especially because it means I get to take a break from research nociceptors and a-delta fibres.


Never fear, those who follow the art. I’m still doing it. I’m doing a lot of it. Here’s a sample of the latest stuff:


Red Kangaroo Totem – pre-colouring.

red kangaroo pre-colouring by Ravenari


Brolga Totem – pre-colouring.

brolga pre-colouring by Ravenari


Both of these, when finished, will be for sale at my Etsy.

7 thoughts on “The Weather.

  1. it doesn’t really have to be a different planet…. we are seeing those supercells and extreme weather events here already…. it could almost just be Earth in the ‘near future’.

    I will never forget, as long as I live, standing in my office and watching that supercell roll in over us. It got so dark we couldn’t see South Perth, and there were so many leaves and twigs caught in the updraft sailing up past my window and over towards king’s park….

  2. Loving the new work.

    And what’s with that freakish storm? How on earth did you manage to time the shot right to get a photo of the lightning? Why am I imagining myself ask all these questions with my voice pitch getting really high at the end?

    • The storm was very freakish. Blame one of the worst La Ninas ever, which probably means another bad El Nino. Uh oh! Did you know La Nina is also know as El Viejo, which means ‘old man?’ /ramble.

      As for the lightning, it was a fluke. There was just SO MUCH LIGHTNING that one in every ten shots was lightning. Insanity. It was non-stop. Also sometimes I don’t suck at photography. Sometimes. 🙂

      Heh, your voice is getting really high at the end because you are secretly a la nina. 😉

  3. The concept for the new novel sounds awesome! I love weather stuff too, there are some beautiful clouds out there as well!

    • Seriously the storm/tornado/weather was just freaking epic! When we catch up next, you’ll see all the ‘snapped in half’ pine trees on Gnangara Dve in plantation. I thought there was just *one* snapped in half tree, but there’s like 150. JUST SNAPPED IN HALF.

      As Glen said, ‘it was like a giant came through with a hammer and just knocked them all down.’

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