No good title today!

I have a new project. It’s a trade in exchange for some serious quality editing I’m receiving on a manuscript that I’m hoping to eventually seek publication for. Anyway. This new project is huge. For example, here it is taking up most of my art desk:


Katt's Forest - WIP 01 - by Ravenari


But like that you can hardly tell what’s going on! So here’s a section of the bitty corner that I’ve started finally inking:


Katt's Forest - WIP 02 - Frogshroom - by Ravenari


And to prove that on the rare occasion I can actually sketch (since sketching is not something I frequently do), you can see some sketches here:


I sketch I promise! - by Ravenari


Yes. The frog’s name really is George.


Lately, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) has been doing some controlled burns of and around the Gnangara Pine Plantation in order to clear away fire hazards and make space and essentially make pretty patterns in the sky. Observe:


smoke and inversion layer - photo by Ravenari


So it’s made everything kind of interesting, as it’s been going on every day and the fires are huge. The other day I was walking and the fire smoke contributed to some cumulus and ended up making these massive, charcoal clouds. When it broke and rained over our house, the rain smelled strongly of smoke, which was just so ‘Western Australia’ that I had to smile. And cough a little. Because you know; smoke.


because you know, smoke - by Ravenari


Have been seeing a lot of kangaroos around locally, lately. They come out and crop the grass at the local parks, and so I see whole families with joeys grazing and watching us in that kind of ‘hmm, you going to interrupt us with our grass or what?’ look on their faces. Thankfully haven’t noticed too many huge males, since they can be aggressive at times. It’s mostly just the smaller, svelte females and their young.


I have decided that walking through a suburb that is ‘still in construction’ is a unique and strange experience. Seeing whole streets and blocks literally get raised from bushland in a matter of weeks, sectioned into blocks, artificial topsoil sprayed down (which the common bronzewings love), have their little block numbers with ‘SOLD’ stickers across them (Ellenbrook is a desireable area right now in that any area is desirable due to the housing shortage/crisis in Peth), and then finally seeing the tradies come in and actually build a house in a matter of months. But I walk the streets before the houses are there, and then when they’re just concrete slabs showing their floorplans to the world. And while I walk on tarmac covered with windswept sand and the tuna cans empty of a tradeperson’s lunch, I see ravens and magpies walking through these houses looing for bits of food left over. Living in the houses before people ever could.


How are you, today? 🙂


4 thoughts on “No good title today!

  1. The picture for Katt is going to be epic, I can tell already. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of it. 🙂

    I also like the pictures of the smoke merging into the clouds, but it’s a little bit disturbing how much they’ve been burning off lately.

    Oh, and if you sketch any more stuff, it would be great to see it online.


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