Other artists are AWESOME: Riikka Auvinen

On a private blog, I’ve been sharing the art of artists I love, admire, respect, who evoke resonance and emotion in me, or challenge me. Some of these are artists are well-known, some are professionals, some are amateurs. All do amazing stuff.


Today’s feature is the work of Riikka Auvinen from Finland. Her work is sensitively rendered, with an excellent eye for colour and shape. Her newest release today:

Cold by Riikka Auvinen (Tirri)


Interested in checking her out?


Go to: Her DeviantArt account. All of her work is exceptional, and I highly recommend you check her stuff out.

One thought on “Other artists are AWESOME: Riikka Auvinen

  1. That’s an awesome picture, and so interesting as to the “story” of it. I just keep looking at the eye that she has half open. To me it makes her look tired and I just keep wondering, tired from a good day or tired because the relationship isn’t working?

    It’s got a lovely use of colour, and that background is awesome. Nice pick.


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