Help me, my pretties.

Hello everyone.
I’ve been wanting to use this blog more, but I’m simply not sure how to go about it. I have so many things I’d like to write about publically, or for the public eye, but how? And who’s interested? So, I’m here to ask for your opinion. What sort of things would you like to read?:


* Art showcases of other artists (sometimes including interviews)
* My own art (well, I think that’s a given)
* More about my methods as an artist.
* Experiences of being a writer/artist with PTSD / touch phobia
* More about the touch phobia (do you know that my ‘outing myself as someone with a touch phobia’ blog post is the most read and searched for blog post on this whole journal? I am constantly shocked by a) how many others must have it and b) how sad it is that my account is so far one of the most comprehensive online.)
* Information about animal totems as I write new essays.
* Writing information, including some of my processes like plotting, my habit of using script-writing methods to plot novels, and so on.
* Issues with being a mentally ill, female artist on Disability.
* TV and media reviews.
* More about my positions as someone very concerned with media analysis, and about to commence a Masters in Media Studies.
* Some other miscellaneous thing that I’ve forgotten, that you’d like to see more of.


I worry that this blog is too unfocused. Much in the same way that people are encouraged to ‘specialise’ in their career (sometimes), I feel as though there is pressure on me to post only about one topic all the time. It’s not who I am. I’m an artist AND a writer, it stands to reason that I’d bring different things to the table here. But I’d still like some input as to what you’d most like to see, so I can start thinking about the kind of trajectory I’d like to set this blog on. After all, I’d like to use it more, it’s just sometimes I think all the things I want to write about are too ‘out of no where!’


Help me, my pretties. My regular and irregular readers. What brought you here? What do you enjoy reading most? What do you think I could write about that I don’t write about now?


See you in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Help me, my pretties.

  1. Everything! Especially “More about my positions as someone very concerned with media analysis, and about to commence a Masters in Media Studies.”

  2. I’d have a hard time picking any one thing off that list (well, posts about new art being a given, I suppose :), because it all sounds pretty interesting. I’m probably most likely to skim the posts about the process of writing, because I’m not a writer, but so much of that depends on my mood at the time (and I’ve certainly read lots and lots of other posts about writing, so *shrug*.

    I do particularly enjoy your photography, btw. And, well, cat stories/pictures. :>

    In general, I think you should write what you find interesting/enjoyable to write about, and if that changes over time, well, that’s life.

  3. To be honest, I’d be interested in all of the above. I generally find that the blogs that are the most organic to their authors are the ones I read the most. I feel like the very focused blogs lack the energy of the author and just don’t turn out as enjoyable or long-lasting. So, in that respect, I feel like you should write about whatever you want to write about in this space–I’m sure no matter what the topic is for this blog’s entries, you’ll have a readership. It may not be the exact same readership across the board, but isn’t that often a better thing anyway?

  4. I’m interested in everything you listed, but especially so in regards to learning more about your art methods. Getting glimpses into an artist’s process is so fascinating.

    I agree with StarStrider about being interested in/faithfully reading blogs that touch on whatever the blogger wants to, rather than one focused area.

  5. This ALL sounds fascinating to me! And personally I really enjoy it when blogs delve into lots of topics…and I think I’d especially like it with you because you’re such an interesting person and have views on lots of different topics. Plus I’ve missed reading your writing since you left LJ, so any writing of yours is good by me. 🙂

  6. “More about my positions as someone very concerned with media analysis, and about to commence a Masters in Media Studies.’

    I’m sure that you have many interesting things to say in that regard.

  7. On this blog, I’d be most interested in reading about your art methods, showcasing other artists, and issues about being a mental ill, female artist on Disability. Basically, I like that the blog has been art/writing focused, BUT I think life as an artist/Creative Person fits the focus, as does analyzing other people’s Creative projects (media analysis, etc.). 🙂

    From that perspective, touch phobia wouldn’t really have a place, but if you showcased art influenced by your touch phobia, maybe that would be enough of a link to stay “on topic”? That is, if you want to have a focus – you do do just about everything, and if this blog is to showcase yourself, than I can’t think of any post that would be “out of no where.”

  8. Hi there, I check in every now and then to read your blogs. I was recommended your website as I was interested in Animal Totems and finding it difficult to find info on Australian animals. Then one day I clicked on your blog. It’s fascinating! I’m currently studying art as therapy so naturally I had to read all your blogs from inception. Particularly interested in your creative process. Quick question if you don’t mind… I was meditating the other day and right in the middle of my meditation an Arctic White Wolf wandered in – like a movie scene – stopped straight in front me, starred directly into my eyes, now growl or expression, serene but intense, then wandered across out the other side out of the picture. Any thoughts? I read the wolf essay which parts seem relevant but I feel there’s something more it was trying to tell me. Beautiful artwork BTW.

  9. I found my way here having been guided to look up snail totem. I was pleasantly surprised to find you insightful writing and beautiful images. Thank you for keeping alive the tradition of making connections between the animal and human world. Your work reminds us that we are all a part of a larger web of life here on Earth. In that context, I trust that anything you choose to write, or that you feel called to express belongs here.
    I tend to think that one of the gifts of having a blog is that you needn’t censor yourself as you are the one that has created the space. Those that need to see and hear what you have to say will find their way here, when its time (like I did).
    Having said that, I appreciate your asking about how you can better meet the needs of your readers. My vote is be fully yourself, say and express what you choose, trust your instincts and the power that guides your readers to find you if its right.

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