So. I write a post asking what you guys want to see me write more of; and my response? To write nothing. That was unexpected. At least for me!


But I have been working on stuff. And doing stuff. I’d include pictures, but… not this time!


1. I got accepted into a Masters of Communication via Open University Australia; at Griffith University. This now means I have access to JSTOR, which makes me a happy marshmallow panda.


2. We went down south to Pemberton and Margaret River and it was all at once; rugged, inspirational, like living in a Ghibli movie (especially Spirited Away), very difficult, challenging, anxiety-inducing, filled with cockroaches, filled with immense beauty, colonised with karri trees, made of awesome Chicken Treat chicken rolls, intoxicated with Duckstein beer (especially altbier), and created with great music. Thanks Hisaishi, for the soundtrack!


3. I have a list of projects which looks something like this:


– finish two short stories
– finish long-form fanfiction
– finish Katt’s forest (largest illustration I’ve ever inked)
– outline three science fiction novels
– outline Little Wolverine, a fiction-non-fiction narrative book about shamanism
– first drafts of all of these outlines
– etc.


4. Things I’m not doing for the next Australian financial year include; working on getting any tarot or oracle decks published. Sorry! I will be building my own personal deck though; and may start offering professional readings. I’ll need to trial a bunch first to make sure the system is effective.


So this is what’s been happening. Plus a ton of other stuff. Realisations about life. Increased PTSD symptoms. Drafts and sketches and finished illustrations. An upcoming interview in a holistic magazine (will link once it’s published) and finding out that the book on animism in which I have both an article (on Shinto and animism in the works of Hayao Miyazaki) and illustrated the cover art may be getting published soon.


I’ve been enjoying the Winter. Wishing it would rain more, storm more tempestuously, and offer more gloom. Wishing that this didn’t cause my friends with arthritis more pain. It’s hard to love weather systems that hurt people. I am dealing with some of this (and living in ‘usually very dry Perth’) by writing a science fiction series set on a planet with a ridiculous amount of rain and storm.

3 thoughts on “Uh.

  1. This is the 1st time I’ve heard about Little Wolverine, and I’m really excited. Also proud of you for getting into grad school! You may have a big list of things to do, but it sounds like you’re getting them done, in time.

    One of my goals is to take more pictures for you 🙂 How narcissistic of me.

  2. Wow, you’ve really thought about the year ahead. It’s great that you’ve got a bunch of different projects your committed to and interested in. I hope that you enjoy the work so much, well, it doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m looking forward to seeing how these different projects progress.


  3. This is the first chance I’ve had since you put up this post to comment and I wanted to be sure I got it in. YAY on the school acceptance! Would you believe I have never really played with JSTOR aside from my own specific school needs and even then not much? That does need to change.

    *sends love*

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