Lechenaultia biloba, in our garden.

A Western Australian native. In our garden. I’m a massive fan of local planting in gardens (and very much loathe the ‘plant water-hungry exotics in Perth gardens’ general philosophy), and xeriscaping (or water-wise planting, which in Perth often becomes a necessity for drought tolerance). People tell me that local plants are ugly. To this, may I present to you a thriving, water-wise Lechenaultia biloba. This is actually what it looks like faded; it’s much brighter after its initial flower:


Lechenaultia biloba in flower, by Ravenari


This particular specimen was purchased from Lullfitz Nursery – Specialists in Australian Plants.


Also, my hand is injured, making art impossible right now (and touch-typing laborious!) Hope it heals soon!

One thought on “Lechenaultia biloba, in our garden.

  1. I always love seeing your wildflower photography. You have a way of capturing the beauty that you see in native West Australian plants.

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