Sites that steal copyright are NOT your friend. –

Every now and then you come across someone who thinks it’s perfectly okay to steal your artwork and try and sell it for a profit. Usually they save a JPEG file or something, or simply trawl through DeviantArt or Google Images, and then boom – they try and sell your artwork for a profit, exploiting many artists throughout the internet, many of whom are struggling to make an income themselves, or – like me – are actually too ill to do anything else except art.


One of those websites is and you can see an example of my stolen artwork here.


They have been doing this to many, many artists. A quick search on Twitter reveals some of the artists who have had their artwork stolen. As one twitterer wrote; ‘massive lawsuit material.’ I sent a cease and desist letter for the theft of my artwork that I’ve experienced, and pointed out that they are breaching their own Terms of Service (seriously, if one of your art-locating policies is going to be steal artwork, maybe you shouldn’t say that you won’t steal artwork in your TOS!)


Aside from the fact that it’s utterly disgusting and morally reprehensible to steal anyone’s artwork; stealing from vulnerable artists on the internet who are particularly prone to being exploited by others is pretty much beyond words. I’m quite fortunate in that I’m carving a niche for myself with my art, but I’m still on a Disability Pension, and I’m still trying to get close enough to making a ‘minimum wage’ for myself (believe me when I say I’m not there yet). Sites like this highlight the way artists – like so many other creative careers – are just so devalued in our own society, and get dragged under in the Capitalist undertow that demands profit over respect, income over boundaries.


And more than that, dealing with this shit first thing in the morning just makes me angry! As it should. In good news, I have good legal representation, and my cease and desist letters are direct and to the point. If they don’t get the message, they will soon!


Feel free to get in touch with them and let them know what you think about copyright infringement at:


Twitter – @art4love365
Email – / /

13 thoughts on “Sites that steal copyright are NOT your friend. –

    • I saw that too, which is just tragic really. That + their Terms of Service seem to indicate that they really do *care* about respecting the artist; but their actions speak otherwise. It’s very frustrating, and they’ve targetted a lot of artists, a lot of notes / private messages floating around right now, letting people know.

  1. wanted to update… the site is still up, but the name does not work.

    You can take any of the links and replace with and see the pages (to take/print screens for proof/etc..)

    !!People are still able to purchase items through this address, so please help spread the word.

    • That site does work, however only the main page. You can’t access any other part of the site using this address. I believe the site is down completely now. You can only see the main page, but none of those links work to view it’s art.

      • You can still access any of the pages by using the ip address, it’s just all of the links are hard coded, so if you click anything it’ll take you to instead of

      • Thanks! We’ve been keeping on top of all the website changes; they’re persistent bastards! Might be time to actually start reporting the thefts to the IP address to get the IP banned.

  2. I’ve been investigating this– or at least spreading word about it. I received helpful information by someone who hunted down the IP information. Please check what he says here:

    “I’ve traced this IP address to the internet provider “XO Communications”. I’ve even checked XO’s terms of use and confirmed that this violates it. Therefore, I encourage everyone whose art has been stolen (and only the artists themselves, please) to direct their complaints (and, when applicable, official DMCA notifications) to their abuse department.

    The art thief also has a Twitter account, “art4love365”, which seems to have been created for the sole purpose of promoting the site. This violates the “Spam” section of Twitter’s TOS. Artists with Twitter can report the account using the instructions here.”

    Appropriate Links are provided in the actual comment linked above.

    • For now, anyways. He’ll probably come back once the lawsuits the people are raising against him settle. Alexuss (one of the people he’s stolen from) is rallying everyone he stole from on deviantART to get as much information as possible. Since this man has stolen (apparently) billions of dollars from the real artists, he could be jailed for a long time. Alexuss and everyone he’s stolen from has the art for sale themselves, since it’s their way of getting an income.

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