Other Artists

No page featuring other artists would be complete without a nod of respect and admiration to my friend, ‘sister across the world’ and mentor Jennifer Perry;

jenniferperry.com – Technically considered pop surrealism, Jennifer Perry’s offerings to us are soul-healing and soul-challenging pieces that are transformative and amazing.


Artists that (literally) changed my life

Marc Civitarese – I discovered Marc Civitarese’s work by happy accident, and spent a ridiculous amount of time gazing into his amazing, introspective, communicative landscapes. I can only imagine what these are like in person, compared to online images.

Creatures From El – Looking at these sculptures of amazing, fantastic and whimsical beasts often has me dreaming up stories, landscapes, worlds and cultures to go with them. I can’t think of any other sculptor that has created so many other images and colours in my mind.

hotburrito2 (yes, really) – This fellow Perthite made me realise I wanted a good camera. And then made me realise I really loved big, BIG open spaces. And then made me realise that it was more than possible to be a kick-ass artist no matter where you lived. He’s also a great guy.

Tom Montgomery – One of those artists and fellow West Australians who started young, and before the age of 18 was already turning out the kind of photos that took my breath away. He is deserving of fame and fortune through his photography, but I’m not sure if he’s looking for it.

Aaron Paquette – Aaron Paquette is a Cherokee/Cree/Norwegian Canadian artist creating some of the amazing and innovative works with Indigenous undercurrents I’ve ever seen. Also, he draws a lot of ravens. And I happen to love Ravens.

Torey Scott – Torey Scott is one of those artists who is a gentle, understated, kind soul who just happens to spurn out masterpieces in ballpoint pen when you least expect it. Trailing through the darker undercurrents of life, he explores demonology, angels, and those shadows that live in our minds and crawl onto the pages.

Artists I love, admire and respect

Featherdust Studios – Featherdust Studios is home to the work of Nambroth, who is skilled in many different mediums, from two-dimensional works through to amazingly wrought jewellery.

Imbas Creations – The work of Ingrid Houwers / Graywolf is spiritual, meaningful, great. Her taxidermy made me change my mind towards the entire artform, it is so touching and skillful in its application. Check out her metalwork (including torcs), traditional knotwork, and Celtic-themed pieces. All fantastic.

Amy Kollar Anderson – manages to successfuly redfine the concept of ‘detail’ and ‘layering’ in her amazingly detailed, patterned pieces.

Emma Lazauski – Also known as ’emla’ on DeviantArt, she illustrates sensitively wrought watercolour works with an amazing sense of line, composition, and taste for colour.

Pesare – Digital artists are woefully under-represented here, but Pesare is one of those who makes the cut. Dreamy, storied, thoughtful and often introspective illustrations from this Finnish artist never fail to touch something inside of me.

Aaron Pocock – Aaron Pocock is an illustrator who I met through DeviantArt, and we shared a mutual love of all things folklore (particularly Baba Yaga). He works in many styles and mediums, and shows fantastic respect and appreciation for the medium itself, and the subjects. I very much enjoy his work.

Emma Jayne Saanen (Urbanimal) -A spiritual artist who celebrates the animal kingdom in her artwork (and oft under-represented animals at that, or those that don’t get much love), and shares her love of nature with others through a variety of mediums. It’s also humbling to see my influence throughout much of her artwork.

Sesfitts – My relationship to this artist goes like this, ‘oh, I love this, is it available?’ ‘no, it just sold!’ One day, however, I will own a Sesfitts original. 🙂

Lynnette Shelley – A Delaware artist who creates unique illustrations from a mixture of styles and influences. Her heavily stylised work is impressively beautiful, and her mixed media selections are astute and always complement her work.

Bettina Walsh – Bettina Walsh’s dreamily stylised works of Australian flora and fauna are distinctive as soon as you lay eyes on them. Striking.


Link exchange: I don’t really do link exchange, I’m afraid. However, I love to look at the art of others, and feel freel to let me know where your pieces might be found online via my email address. 🙂

Also, expect regular updates. I am often finding new artists (or rediscovering ones I missed or forgot about!)

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