Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids fame crowdfunding next album.

Hi folks!


When I do a lot of my artwork, I either listen to music, or I watch TV series in the background. When I listen to music, the vast majority of the time, I listen to work sung and written by Matt Pryor. So I listen to The Get Up Kids or The New Amsterdams or The Terrible Twos or his acoustic album Confidence Man. I listen to it over and over again. On my Last.FM, the works of Matt Pryor together are the top music I listen to. The top track, that I have listened to 309 times since 2007 is The New Amsterdam’s ‘Strangled by the Thought.’


Aside from purchasing CDs and merchandise, it’s rare to really get a chance to give back to a man who has inadvertently and indirectly helped me to create some of my favourite pieces of artwork. Pieces like this, would not exist in the way that they exist, without Matt Pryor:


Wandsuna – Foxes Don’t Cry

Wandsuna - Foxes Don't Cry - illustrated by Ravenari


Wandsuna – The Universal Language

Wandsuna - The Universal Language illustrated by Ravenari


So, this morning I woke up and discovered that Matt Pryor is CROWDFUNDING HIS NEXT ALBUM. Yes, indeedy. The link takes you to the Kickstarter page, where he is looking for $10,000 in backing by Wednesday, June 1st. In exchange for backing, there are some seriously awesome ‘rewards’ you can opt in for.


I don’t have many heroes in this world, but Matt Pryor is one of them. I don’t know him personally, obviously. But I know and love his music. And I think if you gave him a try, you would as well. And on an aside, I’ll keep producing awesome artwork if he keeps producing awesome music! (Okay, crude, but I had to give it a try!)


This combines a lot of lovely things though. Wonderful music, with collaboration, and the excitement that is crowdfunding. I’ve had to crowdfund some of my own work over the years, and know personally how exciting it is to do artwork requested by others, or financially supported by a group who want to bring a creative project to bear. Crowdfunding for someone you respect is always fun and happy-making. I highly recommend it. And if you haven’t heard of Crowdfunding in general, here’s a good primer!.


Signing off, your artist (who is doing too much artwork. There will be an artwork post soon! I’ve finished six pieces in about a week! Dholes and Gila Monsters and Llamas oh my!)

And so we come to the end of 2010?

December has been my most productive month of the year, which is kind of saying something considering I’ve done pretty much all the artwork (what looks like over 20 complete pieces, though some were very little) in the last two weeks of the year. That was strange.

It’s seen a return to ye olde ‘as totems’ style, because sometimes the animal totems just want to ping me, and say ‘oy! DRAW US!’ This time it’s been birds from Bosnia / Herzegovina (the blackcap, red-crested pochard, little grebe, and european penduline tit), Mustelids (the european pine marten, siberian weasel, marbled polecat and lesser grison), and members of the Pheasant family (mikado pheasant, palawan peacock pheasant, reeve’s pheasant and the weird-looking blue-eared pheasant).

And then today I was pinged by eagles and raptors in general! Sheesh guys, give it a rest!

The totem that demanded the strangest colour scheme (to me), was the marbled polecat (sneak peek! This one hasn’t been listed anywhere else yet!), pictured below.

marbled polecat as totem by Ravenari

That’s just badass.

Does anyone else make New Years Resolutions? Does anyone else here actually celebrate New Years? I’m not, actually. I plan on going to bed early, and perhaps trying to see if I can sleep through very loud, thuddy parties. I’ll probably have the help of my trusty discman (I’m so oldschool, I’ve gone full circle to retro instead of just ‘too poor for an iPod’, so says Britta, the people’s champion!) and the help of trusty Sigur Ros, which can help me fall asleep, or meditate, to just about anything.

I also have a cat that’s very willing to bite my face. This seems essential to my ability to draw, well… anything!

Can it be art AND writing?

Something from the trenches:

silver wrens by Ravenari - SOLD

I’ve been not very inspired lately in the art stakes (outside of my silver/bronze/green-gold animals which are a ton of fun). Part of it is December, a month where I always experience a kind of major relapse in my post-traumatic stress disorder and have symptoms similar to Reverse SAD (never been officially diagnosed and some can sub as PTSD symptoms, so…yeah) and that affects my ability to get art out there (I say after having completed 10 illustrations this month; but it never feels like much when they’re little!)

I’m also sort of changing things up a little bit. Things are still ‘my style,’ but I’m mixing and matching up creative elements in my work and I’m not sure what they means for where I’m going. Finally, I have two Steampunk pictures to finish (and, er, start!) for next Easter’s Swancon/Natcon50 Future Imperfect art exhibition.

As I’m writing this, my cat Moet is drinking my paint-water. Business as usual, then! Maybe, our bengal cross, hasn’t discovered the joys of paint-water yet. Which is a relief. As she chews and eats teatowels and got herself a stomach impaction earlier in the year. She’s self-harmey enough, thanks!

Here’s a list of 10 things about what I’ve been doing lately.

1. Fringe is like my favourite show ever right now, and Misfits is AWESOME. Also, Community stop-motion Christmas episode!
2. Home-made chicken satay and sweet & sour plum.
3. Swimming again; yay swimming!
4. Killing a surfeit of redback spiders congregating around our house. Malvern Springs is mostly about finding mature venomous spiders in your house and thinking ‘OH GOD HAVE YOU BEEN HERE THE ENTIRE TIME?!’
5. Flashbacks and nightmares and scares, oh my!
6. Clicker training the cats (no, really).
7. Finished the first draft of a novel.
8. Read a whole bunch of new literature, loved The Wind-Up Girl and Karen Healey’s Guardian of the Dead.
9. Thinking about going back to university to do Honours. And by ‘thinking about’ I mean, ‘actually called them and got myself re-activated as a student in the system.’ I need a supervisor though.
10. Playing kick to kick outside on the oval, with the balmy Summery breezes at night, under the stars. 🙂


I have often contemplated making this blog an art AND writing blog. I have had a few short stories and poems published in my time, though I personally identify as a crummy non-published novelist in terms of writing.

It’s difficult. Writing agents say you should have a writing blog, and art people say you should have an art blog!

Can I have both? Is this too confusing for the masses (and by masses, I mean my housemate and best friend Glen and my cats who avidly forget to read this blog too)?

I was always taught never to underestimate my audience (which I’m sure Glen and the cats are grateful for). I’m going to have both! Two for one!

And remember, when in doubt, there are always plenty of originals to check out at my Etsy store!