Portable Photovoltaic Systems.

Ravens – originally bringers and stealers of the sun in great mythology – become modified to absorb sun for the people, and then discharge it regularly into power stations.


Portable Photovoltaic Systems - by Ravenari 2011


This is for the NATCON 50: FUTURE IMPERFECT art exhibition, from the 21-25 of April, at the Hyatt, in Perth. You should come down and check it out!


I’m not sure where others are taking their retro-futurism, but my own brief which I proposed to the panel, was to specifically show animals in the future only really being allowed to survive if they can be augmented and used for the gain of humans. That does – sadly – sound like something we’d jump at the chance of doing.

The arrogance and narcissism of the human animal is incredibly far-reaching. I console myself with the knowledge that one day we will be extinct like any other animal, and we won’t be here to see the next evolutions, see the Earth do what the Earth does best; create spectacular new life forms before killing them off in even more spectacular ways.

And now I shall be getting onto a commission, before hopefully drafting the third and final illustration for the exhibition, which I tentatively think may involve augmented giant elephants in the logging industry. I mean; they already do destroy trees in the wild, it wouldn’t be that much of a lateral step… but we’ll see. 🙂

Silver swans and silver ferrets

Watercolour pencils aren’t a graceful medium when I use them.

they can end up looking kind of scrappy.

For example –
We start with this…

But then it sort of turns into this.

And then it becomes this.

The silver swans are available at Etsy!

In the meantime, there’s an upcoming pheasantpalooza (no really, I’m illustrating four of them. FOUR! One’s a peacock pheasant though, so that’s okay).