Romantic Minis – Part II

Here’s the last batch of the Romantic Minis, all available at Etsy. 😀




Honestly, is there anything cooler than viscacha, the rodents that look like rabbits? They are almost too adorable to bear.


These guys are subtle, and gently iridescent. They’ve been living with me in my personal connection for some time, but I have decided to let them go.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems.

Ravens – originally bringers and stealers of the sun in great mythology – become modified to absorb sun for the people, and then discharge it regularly into power stations.


Portable Photovoltaic Systems - by Ravenari 2011


This is for the NATCON 50: FUTURE IMPERFECT art exhibition, from the 21-25 of April, at the Hyatt, in Perth. You should come down and check it out!


I’m not sure where others are taking their retro-futurism, but my own brief which I proposed to the panel, was to specifically show animals in the future only really being allowed to survive if they can be augmented and used for the gain of humans. That does – sadly – sound like something we’d jump at the chance of doing.

The arrogance and narcissism of the human animal is incredibly far-reaching. I console myself with the knowledge that one day we will be extinct like any other animal, and we won’t be here to see the next evolutions, see the Earth do what the Earth does best; create spectacular new life forms before killing them off in even more spectacular ways.

And now I shall be getting onto a commission, before hopefully drafting the third and final illustration for the exhibition, which I tentatively think may involve augmented giant elephants in the logging industry. I mean; they already do destroy trees in the wild, it wouldn’t be that much of a lateral step… but we’ll see. 🙂

Portable Photovoltaics? Well, maybe.

I think I love inking more than any other part of the arting process. Or my arting process, anyway. I work with Artline Drawing Systems in 0.5 and 0.1, though sometimes I cut down my 0.5 to release more ink, and sometimes I will stray into 0.8 territory (though not in this one).

The 0.1s run out the fastest. But then, I put them through their paces.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems - pre-colouring - by Ravenari

I can’t believe it’s only the first week of January. It actually seems to have progressed remarkably slowly. Everyone else around me constantly exclaims; ‘I can’t believe how fast this day, week, month, year has gone!’ And I’m often occupying this strange space where I think ‘oh my god I can’t believe how much I packed into that year and how slow it went!’ I don’t know what that is, but I like it. My mascot is a snail.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems - pre-colouring - detail - by  Ravenari

I don’t understand how governments can subsidise some things, but won’t subsidise others. It wouldn’t kill them to subsidise solar power on buildings (though hopefully not ravens, like in this picture!) I’ve been thinking about getting solar power for our own home, but it’s expensive, and on a Disability Pension, regular haircuts are ‘expensive’ so, y’know. It’s one of those ‘one day, when I have the money’ things.

Portable Photovoltaic Systems - pre-colouring - detail - by Ravenari

It’s very strange occupying a capitalist culture, and yet… not enjoying so many parts of it. Because it’s capitalism that stops that kind of subsidisation. It’s wanting to yank as much money as possible from fossil fuels while they’re still around.

Drives me kind of crazy.

Blast from the Past – Eucalyptus 2

Spot the raven.

Eucalyptus II in oils - by Ravenari

I identified Australian raven as my personal animal totem even before I’d graduated highschool. It’s been a long journey we’ve had together, but those are the best kinds.

This piece was done in oil pastels. I worked a lot with oil pastels for about two years, and then thought ‘fuck it’ and went to chalk pastels like Winsor & Newton and Schminke instead (moving up from Mungyo some years ago). I don’t really know why. I still have some highschool grade oil pastels in storage, but I don’t use them anymore.

Yet another piece done at the primary school park on Priestley Street, where I went to school as a child, and where I often went as a teenager to draw. That tree has been chopped down now. I wonder how many photos and pieces of art remain to remember it by?