The music that got me arting and writing in 2010

According to Last.FM (at which I am Ravenari) my top ten bands of 2010 were:

1. Brand New
2. The New Amsterdams
3. Sigur Ros
4. Nada Surf
5. Peter Gabriel
6. The Get Up Kids (Matt Pryor, represent!)
7. Joe Hisaishi
8. Voxtrot (this is impressive, considering it’s like…one album and two EPs going up against the phenomenal amount of output from the above).
9. The National
10. *cough*Jimmy Eat World*cough*

And my top 10 songs of 2010 were:

1. Voxtrot – Every Day (Okay, there’s a reason for this aside from the fact that it’s an awesome song; it was essentially the anthem for Every Day Awake, the novel I conceptualised and finished the first draft of in 2010. I listened to it a lot, to get in the mood to write that book. I swear, if it ever gets published, I’ll be thanking Voxtrot in the liner notes).

2. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
3. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
4. Frou Frou – Let Go
5. Matt & Kim – Daylight
6. Voxtrot – Ghost
7. Anberlin – Enjoy the Silence
8. Secret Machines – Marconi’s Radio
9. Nada Surf – Enjoy the Silence
10. Sigur Ros – Samskeyti (I loved this song even more after I watched Mysterious Skin; and as I was writing a book where all three of the main characters had varying forms of sexual assault in their childhoods, it was an appropriate song. Much like ‘Every Day’ by Voxtrot, this song was played a lot to get me in the mood to write certain scenes from the novel).

This year, I’m hoping that The New Amsterdams can top out Brand New, and I can get Jimmy Eat World out of the listing. Honestly, it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that bands like The National, or Harlem Shakes, or Bat For Lashes deserve it more (imho and ymmv and all those other acronyms that mean it might be different for you).

I art more to TV than I do to music, and I write more to music than I do to TV. But I did art to some of this. I find Nada Surf really excellent arting music, along with The National (oh god, High Violet was such a great album) and Sigur Ros.

And so we come to the end of 2010?

December has been my most productive month of the year, which is kind of saying something considering I’ve done pretty much all the artwork (what looks like over 20 complete pieces, though some were very little) in the last two weeks of the year. That was strange.

It’s seen a return to ye olde ‘as totems’ style, because sometimes the animal totems just want to ping me, and say ‘oy! DRAW US!’ This time it’s been birds from Bosnia / Herzegovina (the blackcap, red-crested pochard, little grebe, and european penduline tit), Mustelids (the european pine marten, siberian weasel, marbled polecat and lesser grison), and members of the Pheasant family (mikado pheasant, palawan peacock pheasant, reeve’s pheasant and the weird-looking blue-eared pheasant).

And then today I was pinged by eagles and raptors in general! Sheesh guys, give it a rest!

The totem that demanded the strangest colour scheme (to me), was the marbled polecat (sneak peek! This one hasn’t been listed anywhere else yet!), pictured below.

marbled polecat as totem by Ravenari

That’s just badass.

Does anyone else make New Years Resolutions? Does anyone else here actually celebrate New Years? I’m not, actually. I plan on going to bed early, and perhaps trying to see if I can sleep through very loud, thuddy parties. I’ll probably have the help of my trusty discman (I’m so oldschool, I’ve gone full circle to retro instead of just ‘too poor for an iPod’, so says Britta, the people’s champion!) and the help of trusty Sigur Ros, which can help me fall asleep, or meditate, to just about anything.

I also have a cat that’s very willing to bite my face. This seems essential to my ability to draw, well… anything!