Sneak Peek of upcoming collaboration between myself and Le Animale!

Le Animale and I have been working on a collaboration over the past few months.

She has been sculpting 10 totems amongst all her other works, and then they have flown over to Western Australia where I have painted them in my own style.

Additional, separate illustrations with a more complex style, all featuring landscape elements, will be going on sale to commemorate this project within my own Etsy store.
Each totem will come with a laminated collector’s card, which features a print of the illustration, as well as a paragraph of meaning about the totem, written by myself.

Although not officially launched yet, we are taking pre-orders of the sculptures. I have been so tempted to keep all some of these for myself!

Pre-painting – From left to right (the ones crossed out are the ones already ordered) Gentoo Penguin, Red Kangaroo, Komodo Dragon, Meerkat, Amur Leopard, Dugong, Dodo, Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, Harpy Eagle and Ocelot.

This is a limited edition collaboration that will happen approximately every six months or so. In the interim we shall be working on our own projects, and not offering customs (it’s unfeasible with postage – they are jetsetting totems, created in the N. Hemisphere and painted in the S. Hemisphere!)

Hoping to officially launch in October!

If you have any questions, want to see some of the illustrations or some photos of painted sculptures between now and launch for the purpose of pre-order, feel free to email me at 😀

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of upcoming collaboration between myself and Le Animale!

  1. Hello and Merry Meet! A friend of mine directed me to your Shadow Animal/Shadow Energies post on your Wild Speak site and I am left more curious of my irrational fear now. (That’s the link if any one else wishes to check it out, very well done).

    I have tried visualization, to speak with that which I’m terrified of (I have a fear/phobia of all birds, not any specific one, as all kinds have attacked me throughout my whole life). But in my visualizations, they just remain silent, and stare, and it’s a very unnerving stare. Birds have been “drawn” to me for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of being attacked was when I was about 3. It was an indoor parrot, known to be very friendly to people who came by. But it eyed me from the top of its cage then flew right at me and pulled out some of my hair (amid a whirl of flapping wings and confusion and horror on my part). They always go for my hair or face (in real life).

    Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions when I do my visualization? Any direction you could offer, or advice, your thoughts even, would be so very appreciated!

    Thank you! Merry Part!

    • I would also like to add that although this started with a parrot, when I am outdoors, all kinds of wild birds seem to focus on me. Pigeons, starlings, robins, seagulls, crows, and others I don’t know the name of. But indoor pet birds (parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, all kinds) as well as wild birds of every kind just seem to be attracted to me. Not sure if that helps.

  2. Hi i just whanted yo say thanks i apreciate the work you did for animales Energy im very sensitive since i was a child and very spiritual so it helped me when i was doing some research about the axolots i live un the nort of Mexico…. Right now i have 27 but peolple always tell me i lool like 19 ir 20 Amy way thanks alot and bleasings

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